Saturday Adventures

Our monthly Saturday Adventures are a way for us to dig into more extensive loose parts play and nature art projects. On the first Saturday of the month we set up several "stations" where the kids can explore theme based sensory activities, projects, scavenger hunts and more. These are great opportunities for the whole family to check out our program, meet new friends and let the kids run around for a few hours. 

pop-up adventure play

 Our yearly Pop-Up adventure is one of our most popular and one of our favorite events to put on. It's amazing to see the fun kids can have with "junk". Each year we set up cardboard boxes, loose parts, fabrics, tubes, and tires and let the kids run wild using their imaginations, working together, communicating and having fun. The pop-up playground is a perfect window into the heart of play.

family adventures

Beyond our regularly scheduled play opportunities we also offer family-style adventures like camping, berry picking, train rides, beach visits and more. We also try to get out without the kids for special adult only adventures like kayaking and ropes courses.